Clik2pay unveils new developer portal with APIs and integration tools

New developer portal gives customers access to the tools they need to integrate Clik2pay payment solutions into their own products

 Toronto, ON, January 18, 2022 – Payment service provider Clik2pay has just launched a new developer portal on the company’s website, The developer portal houses a collection of tools that can be used to integrate Clik2pay payment solutions seamlessly into retailers’ own products.

The developer portal enables Clik2pay to extend its market reach and increase its user base. It will also help business leaders and prospective buyers understand the value of the Clik2pay product and its APIs and showcase the simplicity of the Clik2pay integration and user experience.

“Clik2pay is safe and easy way for consumers to pay, and for retailers to be paid, and it comes at a fraction of the cost of credit card payments,” said Mike Bradley, Founder and CEO of Clik2pay. “The developer portal gives businesses easy access to the tools they need to offer Clik2pay as a payment solution to their customers.”

Clik2pay is a unique online payments service that facilitates payments directly and securely from customer bank accounts. Payments are requested easily from an e-commerce or mobile app, by text message or e-mail or QR code.  Payments are processed at a fraction of the cost of other payment types. Clik2pay leverages bank-grade security and the highest standards for risk management by using one of the most secure money transfer services globally.

Interested developers can contact to access the portal.


About Clik2pay

Clik2pay is Canada’s first real-time payments service for businesses. The company’s focus is to be the best way for Canadian consumers to pay, and for Canadian retailers to be paid. Clik2pay is led by a team with deep business and technology expertise in payments, retail, and digital banking. Additional information and news updates can be found by visiting or following clik2pay on LinkedIn.

Clik2pay features for larger businesses include easy-to-use APIs, end-to-end payment tracking, real-time notifications, status updates and a complete settlement file.

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact or 416-939-9773.