Clik2pay launches partner program for its direct-from-account payment service

New program provides partners with a faster, easier and less expensive payment option for their clients.

Payment service provider Clik2pay has launched the Clik2pay Partner Program, enabling service providers, merchants and organizations to provide Clik2pay direct-from-account payment service to their clients. The program is designed to help payment service providers, independent software vendors, developers and associations offer additional payment solutions to their customers, saving them costs and allowing them to reach more customers by offering a direct-from-account payment option. 

Clik2pay is the first in Canada to deliver real-time payments to businesses that are completed easily and securely directly from the customer’s own bank account. By integrating Clik2pay solutions, businesses can request payment from customers with a payment button, payment link or QR code embedded in a website, e-mail, text message or other direct communications. With Clik2pay, merchants, billers and other payment acceptors can reach more customers, provide an improved customer experience, expedite payment and reduce their payment acceptance costs by up to 50 per cent. 

“We are proud to have introduced our direct-from-account payments service in Canada – a payment method well established internationally and growing fast globally,” said David Robinson, Chief Commercial Officer of Clik2pay. “Now, we are providing partners with the opportunity to bring some good news to their clients. It’s not often you can approach your clients with a new and superior payments service, that also lowers their costs.”

The Clik2pay Partner Program is designed to be flexible, accommodating partner arrangements such as referral and reseller relationships. Partners can also choose to integrate the Clik2pay service to existing software platforms and services offered, utilizing Clik2pay’s APIs and software plug-ins for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento and Shopify.

Clik2pay leverages bank-grade security and the highest standards for risk management by using one of the most secure money transfer systems in the world. Clik2pay supports bill and invoice payments from customer bank accounts by text message, e-mail or QR code. Clik2pay features for businesses include easy-to-use APIs, end-to-end payment tracking, real-time notifications, status updates, transaction history and a complete settlement file.

About Clik2pay

Clik2pay is first in Canada to deliver real-time, direct-from-account payments for businesses – at virtually every Canadian financial institution. Clik2pay is led by a team with deep business and technology expertise in payments, retail, and digital banking. Additional information and news updates can be found by following Clik2pay on LinkedIn.

For more information contact or 416-939-9773.