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Clik2pay makes real-time payments acceptance easy for businesses. Any device. Any time.

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What is Clik2pay?

Clik2pay is a fast, easy, and secure way to pay directly from your bank account. With no sign-up required and the highest levels of bank security, see why businesses of all sizes are now using Clik2pay.


the details and amount due.


the Clik2pay button, scan the QR code, or receive a text message.


securely through your bank.

Clik2pay is…


Link directly from the bill, invoice, or SMS to make payment using your smartphone.


Approve each payment individually, without registering banking account or credit card information.


With no set-up required, use on-line banking to login and pay.


Takes only a few seconds and your balance is updated immediately.

How does Clik2pay work?

Clik2pay lets you pay immediately using online banking – with no sign-up required. You can use any of these options to make a Clik2pay payment.

The Button

Payments can be paid quickly and easily – with just a few clicks.

The QR Code

Not into clicking buttons? Scan the Clik2pay QR Code on the bill (or e-bill) using your smart phone camera.

The Short Code

Use your unique short code on clik2pay.com or on the seller’s web site where available.


Pay using the clik2pay.com Text-to-pay link in a text message.

Remember only respond to legitimate emails and texts from
known businesses and Clik2pay.
Never click on a link you do not recognize! Click for more
tips to avoid online scams.

See how easy it is to use Clik2pay

Clik2pay will cover all service fees.