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Improve your collection rates and accept real-time payments from customers while on the phone with an agent, in-app, by text, or by email.

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Why Clik2pay for Collections

Up to 75% of funds are collected in real-time

Reduce collection costs

Streamline processes when you collect funds in real-time

Solve problems on the spot

The bill is paid instantly when the request is accepted

Lower admin work

Eliminate the needto confirm the bill was paid at a later date

High success rate

Improve collection rates with on-the-spot collections

Use Cases

Agent-assisted or API

Collect funds while talking to the customer

Help your call centers become more effective.When calling customers to collect a payment for a bill, the agent can send the customer a link to pay in real-time by text or email. Payments can be integrated through an API or initiated through a no-code portal.

Batch Process

Text or email reminders

Send a nudge by text or email with a link to paya bill through a no-code portal. With customizable templates, you can send multi-party payment requests in one batch for maximum efficiencyin collecting overdue payments.


QR code on collection notices

Include a QR code in an email or paper notice mailed to customers, so they can instantly pay the amount owing. When the QR code is scanned, customers choose their bank and conveniently pay from their bank’s app.

Flexible Payments

Features that meet your needs

Businesses use Clik2pay for collections because of the flexibility. Work with customers to collect funds in a way that suits both you and your customers.

Flexible amounts

Give customers the option to pay what they can afford.

Scheduled payments

Post-date the payment notification so the customer pays when they can.

Customizable templates

Add your branding and customize content to optimize conversion rates.


One portal to initiate payments, create reports in real-time, and manage requests in a simple interface.

  • Track and manage payments
  • Create real-time reporting
  • Assign access based on roles
  • Search transaction history