Reach more customers and increase sales

Pay by bank is the better way for Canadians to make online or in-app purchases. Reach customers who don’t have access to credit or prefer debit.

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Why Clik2pay for eCommerce

Reach +40% more customers while lowering costs

Increase reach to drive sales

40% of Canadians either prefer to pay by bank or don’t have access to a credit card

Lower the cost of payments

Save up to 50% on payment fees compared to credit cards

Eliminate chargebacks

There are no surprise chargebacks when you accept irrevocable payments

Reduce cart abandonment

Don’t lose sales on the last step by offering Interac — a trusted and familiar way to pay

Use Cases


Accept real-time payments

Help your call centers become more effective. When calling customers to collect a payment for a bill, the agent can send the customer a link to pay in real-time by text or email. Payments can be integrated through an API or initiated through a no-code portal.


Offer a QR code on desktop

Give customers a seamless omnichannel experience with the option to scan a QR code and pay with their device. Customers authenticate using biometrics and complete the payment through their bank’s app.


Issue instant refunds

Refund customers for purchases in seconds by sending money with Interac e-Transfer. Bonus: if the customer has registered for Autodeposit, refunds will be instantly credited to their bank account.

Flexible Payments

Built for your checkout

Custom checkout

Clik2pay pairs seamlessly with your customized checkout. Work with a team of experts to accept payments, optimize your experience, and maximize conversion rates.

Standardized checkout

Have a default checkout process through one of our partners?

Contact us for access.


One administrative portal to pull settlement files, create reportsin real-time, and see transaction history in a simple interface.

  • Track and manage payments
  • Create real-time reporting
  • Assign access based on roles
  • Search transaction history