Clik2pay adds two options to its industry-leading APIs: Flexible and Scheduled Payments 

Canadian businesses now have more options for direct-from-account payments 


Payment service provider Clik2pay has launched flexible and scheduled payment options, offering Canadian businesses more options when requesting payments from their customers. These new features make it even easier to request direct-from-account payments – safely and securely, using one of the most trusted money transfer systems in the world. 

With Clik2pay Flexible Payments, a business may embed a direct-from-account payment link in a communication to its customer, such as a bill or collection notice. The customer can pay the amount of the bill, or edit the payment amount within a custom range (minimum and/or maximum) chosen by the business. This feature can be used where the business is willing to accept only part of the total amount due. 

With Clik2pay Scheduled Payments, a business may set up a payment request for a specific future date, or set up a series of recurring payment requests. This feature can be used for payment plans where amounts are set in installments, or to plan payment requests for recurring bills, such as a monthly utility bill or rent collection. 

“Getting paid is a fundamental part of any business, so why not make it easy?” said Mike Bradley, Founder and CEO of Clik2pay. “We are giving businesses what they need to provide their customers with the best payment experience possible – hassle-free, direct-from-account payments.”

Both new payment features are available through Clik2pay’s easy-to-use API. Clik2pay features for businesses also include end-to-end payment tracking, real-time notifications, status updates, and a complete settlement file for reconciliation. 

Additional benefits of Clik2pay include:

  • Improved customer experience – a direct link to payment saves unneeded steps, and customers are less likely to miss paying a bill.
  • Increased success rate and speed of collections – businesses get paid faster by providing a direct link to payment.
  • Reduced costs – Businesses may reduce unneeded customer interactions, including repeated follow-ups. Clik2pay also saves up to 50 per cent vs. credit cards with no hidden fees or confusing charges.

Clik2pay leverages bank-grade security and the highest standards for risk management by using one of the most secure money transfer systems in the world. 

About Clik2pay

Clik2pay is first in Canada to deliver real-time, direct-from-account payments for businesses – at virtually every Canadian financial institution. Clik2pay is led by a team with deep business and technology expertise in payments, retail, and digital banking. Additional information and news updates can be found by visiting or following clik2pay on LinkedIn.


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