What is Clik2pay?

Clik2pay via Interac e-Transfer® allows Canadians, like you, to pay easily and securely by debit. So whether you're shopping online, paying a bill, or making payments on the go, you can pay with confidence directly from your account!

How do I pay with Clik2pay via Interac e-Transfer? 

When you receive a payment request link, or select to pay by Clik2pay via Interac e-Transfer online, you will be redirected to the Interac page and asked to select your bank. From there you will log into your bank’s mobile app or online account like you normally would. Then, simply review the payment request details and approve the transaction. It’s that easy to “clik” 2 pay!

Does Clik2pay collect my banking details? 

Transactions are handled through the familiar Interac e-Transfer service. We do not collect or have access to your bank login or account details. With bank-grade security, Clik2pay is a safe and secure way for you to pay by Interac e-Transfer.

Do I need to sign up for a Clik2pay account? 

No sign up or account required! When you receive a Clik2pay payment request, simply login to your bank’s mobile app or online account and approve the transaction to pay by debit.