Support for Small Business

Our fees are 1% of the transaction value plus $1. You only pay this fee when your customer has successfully paid you. There are no sign-up, monthly or hidden fees.

There is a $500 maximum for each payment request you send each day.

There is a daily maximum of $2,500 in total payment requests.

The Clik2pay app allows you to send Interac e-Transfer™ payment requests inside of friendly text messages (SMS). Interac e-Transfer™ is a familiar, safe, and easy way for your customers to pay you. Clik2pay makes it incredibly simple and inexpensive for you to send Interac e-Transfer™ payment requests. For more information visit Interac e-Transfer™.

There are no chargebacks! Once your customer has paid, you can be assured that the payment is final.

We ask that you please resolve any disputes in good faith together with your customer.

At this time, Clik2pay does not facilitate refunds. All customer approved payments are final.

We ask that you please resolve any refunds in good faith together with your customer.

During the registration process we will ask you for your name and some additional personal details, as well as your business bank account information including:

  • Account number
  • Transit number
  • Institution number

We require this information in order to deposit the proceeds of the sale into your business bank account. We cannot withdraw money from your account, and your information is protected by banking-grade security.

The app will walk you through the process to become a Clik2pay merchant. Most registrations are approved in just a few minutes. Some registrations may take a little longer. Once you are approved, you can start sending payment requests to your customers right away.

Account number – This number should be visible when you are logged into your bank’s online banking service. Alternatively, if you have a cheque handy the account number is a 7 digits or more number written on the bottom.

Institution number – This number (aka Financial Institution number, Route number or Bank Code) is a 3 digit number on the bottom of your cheque signifying the financial institution you bank with.

Transit number – Your Transit number (aka Branch Code,) is a 5 digit number on the bottom of your cheque signifying the specific branch where your account is held.

Cheque Information

Alternatively you can call your bank to find out this information.

Yes you can! Download the app and have the following details at hand:

  • Bank information (including Institution and Transit number) where you will receive money from your customers
  • Full Legal Name – do not use your casual name
  • Home Address – Not your business address

We are reviewing your application. Expect an email from us soon.

Here are a few reasons why your application may be Pending:

  • The name you entered does not match the ID verification process. Make sure to use your full legal name.
  • The address used may have been a business address. Please use your home address associated with your ID.
  • The date of birth entered does not match with the ID verification process

Clik2pay requires your banking information so that we can deposit the proceeds of your sales into your account.

Most, if not all, of your customers will be familiar with Interac e-Transfer™. Interac e-Transfer™ is the system that Clik2pay uses to transfer the money. It is an inexpensive, safe, and convenient way to send or receive money directly from your bank account.

When you send a Clik2pay payment request, your customer will receive a text message containing a link to complete the Interac e-Transfer™. Your customer will log into their bank account, approve the transaction, the payment is on its way.

Send an email to and the Customer Service Representative can send a new email with a temporary password to your inbox.

A recent smartphone with web capabilities with a Canadian mobile banking application that accepts Interac e-Transfer™ service.


Access to a desktop online banking website to access their bank account and the ability to either receive a text message or scan a QR code.

Open up the app, enter the details again (name, mobile number and dollar amount) to send another payment request.

Once your customer clicks on the payment link, the Clik2pay Text-to-Pay payment request expires in seven days. If your customer has not paid before the time expires, send them a new payment request. There is no extra charge to send multiple payment requests to the same customer.

Yes you can. Open up the app, go to your Dashboard and tap on the outstanding invoice. A call button will appear.

Yes you can. Open up the app, go to your Dashboard and tap on the outstanding invoice. A message button will appear.

Most Canadian banks and credit unions support Interac e-Transfer™, please see the link below for a complete list of participating financial institutions.

List of participating Banks and Credit Unions

Yes. Only funds deposited into your bank account appear here. You can view all payment requests, including pending and paid, in the Dashboard section.

Clik2pay stores your banking information securely and meets all federal and provincial banking regulations.

Open up the app and login. Tap on Dashboard to see all pending and paid invoices.

Each QR code created in the Clik2pay app is unique. It represents the customer’s name, mobile number and the payment amount. It is coded with a web link that will take you to the Interac e-Transfer™ web page. From there you will choose your bank and proceed to pay in your mobile banking app or on your bank’s website.

Think of a QR code as a web link that your mobile phone camera can read. When you scan the QR code with your phone camera, it will attempt to open your phone browser and navigate you to the payment link. QR codes generated in the  Clik2pay app are safe and secure.

Please send an email to and a Customer Service Representative will assist you.