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Is Clik2pay right for me?

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How do I use Clik2pay?

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Is Clik2pay right for me?

Clik2pay is a great choice for any size of business, whether you are a freelancer, contractor, small business owner, or large retailer. We offer competitive savings from high credit card fees while allowing your customers to pay directly from their bank accounts.

Clik2pay saves you on payment fees compared to high credit card fees. Our starter plan is 1.7% + 30¢ per transaction, and have additional monthly plans for those that want extra savings based on their volume. Your per transaction fee is automatically deducted from the payment amount when the amount is deposited to your account.

There are no card readers, terminals, or hardware required when you use Clik2pay. Simply login to your account with our Android or iOS app, or through our online portal, and send your customer a payment request link. Your customer does not need to join Clik2pay to pay you – they just simply click the link, log into their own bank account, and approve the payment!



Interac e-Transfer is a familiar, secure, and easy way for Canadians to send money using online or mobile banking. Clik2pay uses the Interac e-Transfer service to allow you to send payment requests to your customers via text, QR code or URL. Your customers uses Interac e-Transfer to transfer money from your their account to yours. For more information visit Interac e-Transfer.

Most, if not all, of your customers are familiar with Interac e-Transfer. When you send a Clik2pay payment request, your customer will receive a text message, email, or link to complete the Interac e-Transfer. Your customer simply logs into their bank account, approves the transaction, and the payment is on its way to you!

Almost all Canadian banks and credit unions support Interac e-Transfer. Visit this link for a complete list of participating financial institutions.

How do I register for an account?

Registration is quick and simple with the Clik2pay app. Simply enter your personal details to confirm your identity, your business details and your banking details so that we can deposit money your customers have paid you into your account. You’ll then be ready to start sending payment requests to your customers. 

We ask you to enter your personal details as it appears on your government-issued identification. We require this information to validate your identity as prescribed by government regulations. Without accurate personal details, we may be unable to verify your identity and therefore unable to complete your registration. Clik2pay keeps your account and information safe and secure – as described in our Privacy Policy.

We need your banking details so that we can deposit the money your customers pay directly into your account. Make sure you register with the banking details of where you want your money deposited. Clik2pay can only deposit money, not withdraw money from this account.

If after entering in all your details you received an application pending message that means we need to do a little bit more work to confirm your identity. Our team will review your application within one business day of completing your registration. If your identity cannot be verified then we will be unable to complete your application. If we are able to verify your identity, you will then receive an email from us letting you know your registration is complete and that you can now start sending payment requests and receiving money from your customers.

How do I use Clik2pay?

Sending payment requests to your customers is as easy as sending a text message. Simply enter your customer’s name, their Canadian mobile phone number and the amount requested into the app. Send the payment request via text, email, link – or if your customer is with you then you can display the QR code. After the payment request has been created you can also share the URL to your customer via email, or another messaging platform such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

After clicking on the payment request link sent to them, your customer simply logs into their bank account, confirms the payment request, and your money is on its way to you.

In most cases your money will be deposited to your account the day after you are paid by your customer. Transactions are settled Tuesdays through Fridays, so if your customer paid between Friday to Monday, your money will be deposited on Tuesday. Clik2pay transaction fees will be automatically deducted before you receive payment.

There is a maximum of $3,000 CAD per payment request per customer per day. Your financial institution may have different limits. 

There is a daily maximum of $10,000 CAD in total payment requests to all your customers per day. Your financial institution may have different limits. 

Since your customers pay you direct-from-account there are no chargebacks and your payments are guaranteed! If a refund is required, contact your Clik2pay sales team representative or email 

Payment request links never expire, however once your customer has paid with a link, they will not be able to pay you again with that same link.

If your customer deleted the payment request link they received previously from you, then simply login to Clik2pay mobile app account, navigate to the specific transaction’s details, then select “SEND SMS” to resend the payment request via text, “SHOW QR CODE” if your customer is with you, or “SHARE LINK” to share the link via email or another messaging platform such as WhatsApp or FB Messenger. We will soon add this functionality to our online portal as well. 

We make it easy to quickly tell at a glance the status of your payment requests by using icons, words and colours. Payment requests can be Pending (your customer has not yet paid the request), Paid (your customer has paid you and is being processed by the financial institute), or Settled (the money has been deposited into your account).

In some cases, sending banks will put a hold on e-Transfers after they have been approved by the customer, in order the verify manually that they are not fraudulent transfers.

If it has been over 30 minutes and the transaction is still not showing as “PAID”, the customer should contact his/her bank and request that the transaction be released – or refunded to his/her account.

We understand that this scenario is inconvenient for customers – fortunately it is rare.